Russia 1917-24 Exam Paper

EXAM PAPERS – Tick or Cross?

Exam p-p-papers? Imagine that! If you’re a beginner at this… well then… here’s my advice to you… you’re gonna have to work your socks off for this, matey! So get your head in the books! And if you’ve already been through this stage, well then… you know how the exam papers role!
Exam papers. The first time I had my exam paper given to me… I have to be quite honest but I didn’t revise as much as I was expected to do and that is the worst of the worst things you can do. Because once I laid my eyes on a question basically… well… my head slammed itself on the table and I felt like to cry. But enough of my point of view… for this topic you’re going to witness questions like… “Explain why the Bolsheviks were able to seize power in October 1917” or “Was the Stakhonavite movement the main reason for the rapid expansion of Soviet industry in the 1930’s? Explain your answer” <- That one… my teacher didn’t teach me or anyone in my class so we had to skip onto the next one. But in the test there are some questions where you have to decide which question to answer like:

Answer EITHER Question 2(a) OR 2(b).

2 (a) Explain how the economic policies of Lenin’s government changed in the years 1918-24. (8 marks)


2 (b) Explain how Stalin was able to overcome his leadership rivals in the years 19124-1928. (8 marks)

Indicate which question you are answering by marking a cross in the box X. If you change your mind, put a line through the box X and then indicate your new question with a cross X.

Question 2(a) X Question 2(b) X

(This isn’t part of the Question but… the ‘X’ marks indicate a box.)

The advantage of this is that if you don’t know the answer to the question you always have a second chance so take advantage of it! (That’s what I do! 😉 )

And 8 marks is a hell lot of marks, so you don’t want to go losing them in an instant. Usually the mark scheme rates your writing on:

AND… facts RELATED to the question…
^^ now that’s where I went wrong.

What I did was slam all the information onto my exam paper that I thought from the top of my head and my mark was lowered because of my structure. Structure. If you don’t like English, well tough luck… English is everything. In the exam paper you need to link… you need to have evidence… you need to… imagine you’re in a law firm and you produce a statement with no evidence, no point of view, no nothing. Then what do you do? Sorry, but you just fell down a really big hell hole. Once you sum up everything in your statement then you’re going on a ride to victory and a good level.

I’m going to keep my lips sealed about my level, I am still ashamed of it. 😦


So what do you need to revise this test paper? i’m going to tell you this now… even if you revise 24/7 this subject there is still a little chance of you going down a hill… but what you need to get into you noggins is the key features and key dates and important people for every exam test you enter for history. That’s my advice to you guys.

This topic requires three things:

  • Knowledge of the Tsarist Regime
  • Knowledge of the Bolshevik Revolution
  • Knowledge of Stalin and the USSR

Seriously… without this you are no-way going to get past a ‘C’ mark.


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