Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness, eh? In exam papers, you might find that the examiners questions may hit you right on the weak spots like “What is the definition in health?” <- you may know the answer to this but the thing is… you might not know how to write it on paper which really kills you when sitting in the exam, chewing on your pen spending at least 5 minutes on the question when you could have filled out 5 questions out already. So here are the definitions which might help you out.

Health: This is defined as a complete state of mental, physical and social well-being.

Fitness: meeting the demands of the environment.

^^ Once you read it, it’s a piece of cake really but when you sit the exam, your thinking “crap” so I suggest you get this into your noggins and get to work!

First things first. Why is exercise so important to the body? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Regular exercise improves health and fitness. Easy. There are three benefits of regular exercise and they are:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social

And why are they important?

  • Mental benefits -> boost your confidence and releases stress and tension.
  • Physical benefits -> include loss of weight, improvement in posture and improves your body shape (that is if you want to attract attention 😉 ).
  • Social Benefits -> like meeting people, and making friends during exercise.

During exercise you want to develop personal qualities, right? Because then what is the point in exercising, apart from being fit? You will develop and I mean you will develop personal qualities if you join sports club, attending regularly which include:

  • Co-operation: working with others, including socialising.
  • Competition: competing and testing yourself against others.
  • Physical challenge: testing and challenging yourself against the environment, best performances.
  • Aesthetic appreciation: recognising the quality of a movement in a performance.

Ok, now here is when you have to download a hell lot of information in your brain. Brace yourself!


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