Physical Education (PE) (Theory)

Some people at my age may say, “Urrghhh! I hate PE! What good will it do for me in the future? Why is it compulsory?” But the things is, to be quite honest… I still don’t know what good it’ll do in the future or on your CV or anything like that but one thing I know for certain… is that it keeps up your fitness level AND your health. The government has now made this subject compulsory unfortunately¬†and tough luck! You have to do it. And IF you think “Oh, I won’t try my best in this subject, it wouldn’t affect me,” well honey, you gotta get your head in the books because one look at your CV and they see and ‘F’ or and ‘E’ grade, your done. Sorry, but that’s reality. Us humans, we only look at the negative sides but very little humans look on the bright side so if a person sees your CV and see all A* and A’s and then they see a slope of and “E” grade in PE they’ll be thinking “Oh, what happened there?” and that wouldn’t look so good.


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