Ghaah, I LOVE INEQUALITIES 😀 One of my favourite topics I have to admit. To be quite honest though… I’m not a complete fan with algebra but these are one of my rare topics which I enjoy! 😀 Looks scary doesn’t it? That question on the left? Eh?

Example of Inequality in an Exam Paper

C’mon, admit it, the first time I saw this question I was as scared as hell but if you actually know how to work this thing, you’ll find it a piece of cake. Want to know how to do it? Well this is the place for you! 😀

Things you need to remember:

> = more than

< = less than

= greater than or equal to

= less than or equal to

^^ This is important in this topic.


B = Brackets

I = Indices

D = Division

M = Multiplication

A = Addition

S = Subtraction

Ok, step 1:

Example of Maths Exam Paper

4x +  3 > 2(3x – 1)

^^ you see that, right? Ok *sigh* we need to get through this.

You know how to expand brackets, right? Because if you don’t… then you shouldn’t be on this page right now, you should be on a DIFFERENT page. Anyway, expanding the brackets. In order to make the question simpler for you, you have to expand the brackets on the right hand side of the question and if two brackets take place in both sides the brackets ALWAYS come first. Got it?

So first come the brackets and you can’t switch them around the way you want otherwise your answer will turn out completely and utterly wrong.

Ok, anyway, the brackets.

2(3x-1), piece of cake! You times 2 by 3x which equals 6x and then you multiply 2 by -1 which also equals -2. RESULT: 6x -2.

So now you’ve expanded the brackets.

4x + 3 > 6x – 2

Ok, now here it’s when it gets easy. Do you know how to balance equations? Because if you do you’ll find this seriously easy. Nothing to worry about for you. Imagine this symbol ‘ >’ as a ‘=’ sign so you won’t get confused. So it will be planned like this: 4x + 3 = 6x – 2 (or if you prefer… the symbol may come back to this anyway…)

Balancing it all out:

4x + 3 = 6x – 2

(remember, what you do to one side, you do to the other)

+ 2      4x + 3 = 6x – 2       + 2

(getting rid of the ‘2’ makes…)

4x + 5 = 6x

(Now what do you do? Balance it out, right?)

– 4x 4x + 5 = 6x – 4x

(This results as…)

5 = 2x

(What do you do to get it to ONE ‘x’?)

5 ÷ 2 = 2.5

(And that results as your answer which is…)

x = 2.5



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