What on Earth is soooo special about Macbeth? Eh? Macbeth? Shakespeare’s Macbeth? Well let me tell you something about Shakespeare. He was some well off man! Had a great gift in writing and showing his passion in writing REALLY well. Do you want me to give you a summary about Shakespeare? Well who was Shakespeare? Shakespeare was and still IS a well known play writer who basically… yeah… made plays. And he produced so many plays that only most of them were picked out for the public to be played in a well known Theatre called…. erm… I’ll research it later… but anyway, the play “Macbeth” was one of the famous plays played in history!

‘Macbeth’ was one of the most famous plays written by Shakespeare. Other plays like; Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet… etc… they all had a tragic ending. Well, almost ALL of his plays had a tragic ending, to be quite honest! What is ‘Macbeth’ about? Have you even heard of a play called ‘Macbeth’? Macbeth is a play all about influence and ambition in people. Macbeth as you may know it was not an important person in the beginning of the whole play. He was indeed some sort of ‘General’ but not as important as the ‘Thane of Cawdor’. The play was focused on the Jacobean Era, when King James ruled England and his plays were more directed upon ‘Witches and Witchcraft’ and they were a major threat at the time. Do you want me to give you a summary on the main characters in the play ‘Macbeth’?


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