GCSE’s as some people may know it are exams for Yr 11’s to be passed on to the Universities which you would like to attend. Depending on your marks (from A*-U) the University would decide if you are good enough to study there. That’s what I hate. If you’re ‘good enough‘. The two words disgust me but I guess that’s part of life. 😐 .

So here is my Blog of my studies; English, History, Media Studies, Science, Mathematics, revising what I have done in the past so my mind would be fresh and awake. Bahhh….. sometimes this may be stressful to download all the information into you’re mind I guess.

Hopefully it may be useful to you…. 😐


6 Responses to About

  1. Mali says:

    Try not and know not!
    You have a gift, use it!

  2. Mali says:

    It’s a metaphor!

  3. AMSB says:

    what helps you study when you don’t want to?

  4. Misterious person says:

    AMSB, my advice is to talk to your parents. I am sure they will give you good reasons that can motivate you enough, like no more nintendo games, no wii….

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